Ipoh Music Festival This September 2017

The Ipoh Music Festival will be one of the most comprehensive classical music festivals in Southeast Asia. For the
first time ever in Ipoh, a 3-day international music event that will attract participants around the world, including renowned performers, adjudicators, music scholars, and young musicians. We aim to attract 2000 people to
participate in this musical endeavour in the beautiful city of Ipoh, Malaysia.

In the music competition, we have attracted more than 200 entries from
Singapore, Thailand, and Malaysia and so far around 100 contestants have
been selected to partake in the Final round. The festival is a unique experience
for international exchange through musical events. Its mission is to offer the
opportunity for musical growth and artistic excellence while creating lasting


1. To act as a high quality platform to enhance the quality of musical
activities and to further nurture the talent of musicians.
2. To provide an opportunity for students, performers, and educators
from the international community to meet and share their
experiences through musical endeavours.
3. To enhance the cultural vibrancy of Ipoh through inspiring musical
4. To foster humanity and enhance the quality of life of the people in Ipoh
and beyond Ipoh/the city;.
5. To put Ipoh on the world map in line with Visit Perak Year 2017.
About Ipoh Music Festival
The Ipoh Music Festival will be held on September 15 – 17, 2017, which
consists of four activities: 1) Competitions, 2) Concerts, 3) Workshops, and 4)
Experience Ipoh.

The festival is an open event, and all events are either free of
charge or offered at the most affordable prices or free of charge in order to
allow the community to experience the beauty of music.

Festival Overall Schedule and ticket prices:
15 September 2017: Competition from 10am – 6:30pm for all
categories. Ticket entrance is free of charge and
open for the public to watch.
Opening Gala Concert at 8 pm by
renowned local and international artistes.

Ticket entrance is RM40/entry.
Free for non-finalists.
16 September 2017: Workshops from 10am – 1:30pm.
Ticket entrance is RM10/entry.
Closing Gala Concert at 8 pm featuring First
Prize Winners of the Competition.
Ticket entrance is RM40/entry.
Free for non-finalists.
We offer combo package of total RM60 for
attending BOTH the Opening and Closing Gala

17 September 2017: Experience Ipoh. Free shuttle buses provided
by Perak Trasit for all competition finalists and artistes to visit the attraction of Ipoh

such as The Haven Resort, Old Town, Tin Mine Museum,
and Kellie’s Castle.

Festival Venue
To enhance the experience and create lasting memories for the participants of
the event, Syeun Hotel is chosen as the venue to host all activities of the
festival. Located in the heart of Ipoh and surrounded by famous delicacies
within walking distance, Syeun hotel provides well equipped facilities and
adequate conference rooms to host all events including rooms for practice,
workshops, competitions, concerts, and meetings. Special room rates will also
be offered to all the participants.

We offer combo package of total RM60 for attending both the Opening
and Closing Gala Concert.
For tickets purchase please visit HERE or call us at +6012-584- 0621

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