SW : OPEN MIC – Story Telling Themed “Childhood Memories” .

Come this July, SW is organising its first public OPEN MIC session in the form of story telling themed “Childhood Memories” .
The event aims to bring people from all walks of life and backgrounds, to come together for a chance to tell and share their stories in front of a live audience, free from pressure and judgment.

Rules are simple, as follows:
Participants require pre-event registration
Medium of communication is either English and Manglish

Topic is “Childhood Memories”
Participants are given 7 minutes to tell their story.
Our host and co-host are two prominent and local-borne public speakers, Jamal Raslan and our own Judy Marie Rosario. They will be there to lend support, share their experience and demonstrate their skills to the audience.

So, for those who wants to talk and also those who wants to listen, please come and join us this July!

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