SEA GAMES 2017 – Ipoh Athletes

The countdown to the 2017 SEA Games has begun!

Yes the long awaited 2017 Southeast Asian Games will begin this Saturday the 19th August 2017 with the opening ceremony to be taken place in Kuala Lumpur.

Malaysia will be represented by the second highest overall contingent compromising of athletes and officers with a total of 1,234.

We at goipoh wanted to show our support to our very own Ipoh, Perak born athletes that will be taking part at the Sea Games 2017 whom we know are as follows :

1. Syaidatul Afifah – National Bowler

This beauty has set her eyes on the price with training and dedication every step of the way! follow her on Instagram @syaidatulafifah and show her your support! (Photo used by permission)

2. Leong Mun Yee – Malaysian diver

This 15x SEA Games Gold medalist will definitely get our eyes hook and hearts beating as she sets for this years event! Show her your support, follow her on Instagram @leong_munyee (Photo credit:Google)

Help us name more Ipoh, Perak born athletes taking part in this year’s Sea Games in the comments below or by tagging us On Facebook or Instagram.
We will love to hear from you!

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