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An electric blend of classical and modern music by

Fusion Faction

Two leading bands from Malaysia and Singapore.

Flame Of The Forest was formed in 1986 as a dynamic trio coming together for the love of music. 5 years ago, Krsna & Govin Tan decided to inherit the band from their father, Kenny Tan and sought to update the concepts and philosophies bestowed upon them by their predecessors from the 80s.

Incorporating styles from other genres, the band synergizes the different ideas and concepts from all other music with their understanding of Indian Classical and Folk music – concocting a refreshing blend of music. In addition to combining genres, the band also modernizes vital concepts of World Fusion Music that are easily ignored by many.

FOTF aims to give an enhanced perspective on the musical alchemy that they have developed by inspiring, influencing, educating and communicating with listeners through their music.

The Pandavas Fusion Band was formed in 2012.Based from the ancient Hindu epic text; The Pandavas are the five acknowledge Sons of Pandu. Today , we have reproduce from epic to reality. We use our instruments as weapons to mesmerized our loyal Supporters with our music.

Our Music has brought life to many souls in the world. The genre of music that we perform World Music, Reggae, Rock, Blues, Fusion, Indian and etc. We as a band believe that ” music speaks what cannot be expressed soothes the mind and give it rest heals the heart & make it whole flows from heaven to the souls”.

Pandavas has travel all around Malaysia and also to many other parts of the World. The musicians in Pandavas are from different states in Malaysia. That includes Selangor, Johor, Perak, Penang and also Kedah. They are the best in their instruments from the place they come from.

Date: 24 August 2017

Time: 8.30pm

Venue: Ritz Garden Hotel, Ballroom 5th Floor

(Garden Wing) 86-88 Jalan Yang Kalsom, 31400 Ipoh

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