TOURING PERAK – A Driving Tour Board Game

TOURING PERAK – A Driving Tour Board Game

Launched by: Dato’ Nolee Ashilin Bin Mohammed Radzi – Tourism Exco Perak on 31st December 2017 during the New Year Countdown at Dataran MBI, Ipoh.

‘Touring Perak’ is an entertaining board game, designed to educate players of the history, geography, heritage, culture, and the people of Perak. The state of Perak is located on the west coast of Peninsular Malaysia, which is famously known as the Land of Grace.

The game is a road journey to Ipoh, the capital city of Perak via 4 entry points:
1.Southeast Entry – Tanjung Malim (Route 1)
2.Northwest Entry – Kampung Kedah, Parit Buntar (Route 1)
3.Southwest Entry – Kampung Teluk Kerdu, Hutan Melintang (Route 5)
4.Northeast Entry – Hentian Titiwangsa, Temenggor (Route 4)

The ‘Winner’ is the first player to reach Ipoh.

This is a fun-based, ‘Roll-the-Dice-Question-and-Answer’ game. It relies on how much you already know and a lucky dice number to win.


Not knowing the answer to a question means, you ‘Play to Know’. While a correct answer simply means you continue to ‘Play to Know More’. Whenever an incorrect answer is chosen, the player asking the question gives the correct answer. This way, the players gain additional knowledge and next time around, players are more ‘mind-able’ to answer correctly, improving their chances of winning.

Players advance towards Ipoh ONLY after giving a Correct Answer. An Incorrect Answer will require players to continue their stay in their current box until they are able to answer correctly after each dice roll on every turn to play.

The game ends when one of the 2 OR 4 players (or team/groups) reaches Ipoh FIRST. A dice throw that does not end in Ipoh will result in a return journey (turn-around) according to the number of moves as indicated on the dice. E.g. If a player is at Box 23 and the dice rolled indicates 2, the player will move two steps into the Ipoh box and end the game. But if the dice rolled indicates 6, the player will move 2 steps into the Ipoh box and return 4 steps into Box 21.

The state has purchased 300 sets to be sent to all secondary schools to educate secondary students on tourism Perak.

Game Play Duration: 40 – 60 minutes.

For more information : Perak Tourism Management Berhad

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