Ipoh’s heritage marker trail of Dr. Sun Yat Sen and His Comrades is installed, making it the first of its kind for Perak and the latest addition to the city’s heritage trails. This trail is produced and managed by Sue Meng Heritage Sdn. Bhd.

The trail corresponds to first-of-its-kind book, “Dr. Sun Yat Sen and His Comrades in Ipoh” that links Kinta Valley (Perak) to Dr. Sun Yat Sen, authored by Ms. Chan Sue Meng and published by the Sun Yat Sen Nanyang Memorial Hall, Singapore in English (2013) and Chinese (2015) editions.

About the trail

In this first phase of installation, 11 signages will be installed at entrances of the following sites and/or buildings to mark their former functions as places that were occupied by supporters, and who ran activities in support, of Dr. Sun Yat Sen.

They are –

1. Perak Hainan Association
2. Soon Thye Hang Marine Seafood
3. Keat Sin Leong Trading
4. Happy 8
5. Pentagon Chemical Supplies
6. Kin Kok Coffee shop
7. Yik Foong Mall
8. Perak Chinese Amateur Dramatic Association
9. Lok Lum Club
10. Kong Hing Coffee Shop
11. Plan B
12. Perak Cave

This marker trail is enabled with main sponsorship of Jensom Ng Productions, and support of Tourism Perak, Sun Yat Sen Nanyang Memorial Hall (Singapore), Sun Yat Sen Cultural Foundation (Hong Kong) and Perak Chinese Assembly Hall.

L to R: Mr Tan Kai Lek of Happy 8, Ms Low Sook Mei of Perak Heritage Society, Ms Tan Ling-Li, owner of PRWorks Consultancy; Mr Jensom Ng of Jensom Ng Productions, Ms Chan Sue Meng, author and trail founder.

Fabricated in aluminium, these 14” (width) x 20” (height) signages each feature an unique image, site title corresponding to that in the book, and unique QR code that will lead the visitor to learn more about the site’s history in relation to Dr. Sun Yat Sen. Over time, a further 10 other signages will be added to the trail at various sites in Ipoh.

“This trail has always been part of my mission to use our legacy to benefit contemporary society,” says Chan Sue Meng, who is fifth generation descendant of Mr. Lee Guan Swee, friend and supporter of Dr. Sun Yat Sen.

“Indeed, I believe it [this trail] will lead to supporting products that will put Perak on the world cultural stage. Ultimately, this new awareness of “Perak in international history” will help drive tourism not only in Ipoh, but in the state as a whole”, Perak State Tourism, Arts and Culture Committee chairman YB Mr. Tan Kar Hing.

About Ipoh’s contribution to Dr. Sun Yat Sen

Around the turn of the 19th century, Mainland Chinese were indentured into Malaya
by the thousands to labour in tin mines of Perak, historically the most productive tin- producing district in the world. Along with them, many more Chinese arrived to
establish businesses to serve these communities. Many of them shared, and contributed hard-earned income to realise, Dr. Sun Yat Sen’s vision of a better China with “people’s livelihoods”. Dr. Sun had visited Ipoh twice (as recorded in history).

He had also visited other parts of Perak. And together with his constant companion, Chen Cui Fen, Dr. Sun’s family (wife and daughters) had also visited Perak to raise funds n support of his cause.
Kinta Valley (Perak) –

● was top 3 fundraiser for the Huanghuagang (Yellow Flower Mound) Uprising
widely held as the event that led to end of dynastic age of China,

● (Ipoh) hosted the strategic fundraising “Preparatory Meeting” for the
Huanghuagang (Yellow Flower Mound) Uprising that followed the “Penang

● had more Tungmenghui (Chinese Revolutionary Alliance) societies set up to
promote his cause than any other state in Malaya,

● had 23 of 63 reading clubs set up in Malaya to promote Dr. Sun’s cause; there
were 100 such clubs globally.

For more information : Sue Meng Heritage 素明文史企业

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